The Future is Golden!

For all those who have previously Liked the Radio Nirvana Page (and joined the Radio Nirvana Group) but we have changed the name of the station to Golden Radio. Please stay with us, support us and continue to listen to us. New Apps are being prepared and we are Golden Radio (or just Golden) on all DAB radios where you were able to hear us before as Radio Nirvana. If you have trouble to find us on DAB please rescan your radios.

During the daytime from about 6am till about 7pm or 8pm we will be concentrating on a slightly different format hoping to attract a larger audience and get some more advertising for the station to stay on DAB in the Greater London, Sutton and Surrey area. At about 7 or 8pm, depending on the day of the week or weekend, Trash Can Radio will continue to “invade” Golden Radio with it’s exciting blend of rock and roll, garage and trash, as usual!

4 thoughts on “The Future is Golden!

  1. I Like the old adverts a clips from TV shows in between the music. Good to hear old adverts very different

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment. We do try and be different. Spread the word and listen during the evening hours when we concentrate with a more “adventurous” format!

  2. Came across you looking for Nirvana in the car and what a great surprise.

    Music is great, good idea to get more advertisers in. Some I haven’t heard in years.

    It would be nice to have a few DJ shows rather than all continuous music.
    And how about some of those old jingles the pirates used in the sixties

    1. Hi Peter, I’m glad you’ve kept us tune in as we changed from Radio Nirvana to Golden Radio. We do have several DJ shows in the evening when we bring in the feed from Trash Can Radio.

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