Why advertise on Golden Radio?

If You Thought You Couldn’t Afford To Advertise On The Radio – think again!

Our advertising and sponsorship packages are designed to suit every budget from the largest regional car dealership to the smallest corner shop.

When businesses Advertise on Golden Radio they not only get great rates, they get “mates rates” and have their message broadcast to an area with over 3 million potential customers!

As the local radio station for South London and Surrey, Golden Radio can support your business through a range of cost-effective advertising starting from as low as just £50! (See below for Special Offer!)

Radio can transform your business!

There are many reasons why you should move up to radio advertising.

Here are some of the reasons you should advertise your business on Golden Radio:
Prospective Sponsors and Advertisers will be directed in a short time to our Advertising Department in the process of organizing the new rates.

  1. Radio is intrusive – it plays an active role in the listener’s life. At home, at work, in the car, even in the shower, radio is everywhere! A print advertisement can be missed at the turn of a page, however you can’t switch off your ears!
  2. Radio is inexpensive – The unit price of each commercial is cost effective and allows for greater repetition of your messages and therefore greater penetration of the target market.
  3. Radio reaches more of your customers and prospects – radio is universal, it can be heard indoors or outdoors, 24 hours per day and it has no cover price.
  4. Radio is personal – listeners tune into Golden Radio EVERY day for great music & entertainment.
  5. A radio campaign doesn’t comprise of just one advertisement on publication day – it is repeated across a broadcast day in order to reach as many listeners as possible at different times – enabling your advertising message to be heard many times by ten of thousands of people.

To find out more, call the Golden Radio sales team on 07434 881362 or send an email with your contact details to and get your company heard in cars, homes, mobiles and workplaces across South London and Surrey!

Golden Radio is also heard in parts of Central and North London and parts of Essex. As more antennae are added our coverage will increase.

Advertising with us on Golden Radio not only reaches people on DAB radio but also on the internet via our website

We have apps for all mobile devices and phones including iPhone, Android, iTunes,Windows Phone, TuneIn, iPad and RadioPlayer.

Golden Radio can be heard all over the world!

In the meantime please contact us at or call us on 07434 881362 or if calling from abroad +44 7434 881362 Please leave a message if the phone is busy.



Advertise on Golden Radio

Golden Radio offers the cheapest radio advertising options Available from any London Broadcaster!

Truly affordable radio advertising for the first time ever.

You can be heard all over the capital city of the UK for less money than the smallest available advert in your local paper.

Your own business advertised on the radio from as little as £5.99 per spot!
We are crazy and so are our advertising rates!

Don’t have an advert already? No problem. Our experienced Production team will create a 30 second advert specifically for your business, ready to air. One off £40.00 charge!

Standard 30 second “Prime Time” advertising slot £14.99
Order 20 slots and the price drops to £12.50 per slot.

Standard 30 second “Off Peak” advertising slot £7.99
Order 20 slots and the price drops to £5.99 per slot.

We offer discounts and standard plans to suit advertisers who wish to block book.

Advertisers can either use one of our standard advertising plans or create one of their own, to best suit their business requirements! No complicated contracts.

Doing business with Golden Radio is simple. You pay, we play!

Call now to discuss your options with us on 07434 881362

Note: To take advantage of our cheaper Off Peak advertising rates you may advertise your business from 19.00 – 07.00 hrs GMT at a highly discounted rate. This may suit many businesses that operate mostly during these hours such as cab companies or local take away restaurants.

* Prime Time hours are 07.00 – 19.00 hrs GMT. Off Peak hours are 19.00 – 07.00 hrs GMT.

All rates quoted are excluding V.A.T. which shall be charged at the current rate at time of booking.

Our standard plans operate on a monthly cycle and the rates quoted are applied on this basis.

For first time advertisers only we offer an astounding price of just £1.00 per spot.

If you pay just £50 for 50 x 30 second spots to be aired anytime during the day or evening you get just that!

That’s Right! That’s 50 Spots for just £50

It can be 7 spots per day for a week (plus one extra) or spread over a calendar month.

This offer is available for a limited time only.

Call us now to reserve your advertising with us on 07434 881362