Micky Baron

Micky Baron smallerSuperstar Presenter of the popular show, the Trash Can. Has been resident dj at many zoos around the world including the famous Pirate Radio 603 AM zoo in Aland, Finland, Radio Caroline zoo in the UK and other various zoos around the world. If his tongue and bad breath don’t kill you his wild presentation will send you to the nearest hospital ER.

Mal Thursday

Mal w organ cropDirect from Austin, Texas, it’s The Mal Thursday Show on Trash Can Radio. The show has been on and off the air since 1987, and is also a long-running podcast on GaragePunk Pirate Radio Network, which also features Mal’s other shows, Florida Rocks Again! and Mal Thursday’s Texas Tyme Machine. Mal lives in Austin, Texas. He has a son, LBJ, a daughter, Tuesday Ann-Margret, and two ex-wives.